argh don’t let this day be over soon

Please let me stay a little bit longer on this day because this is the day that i’ve been longing for, the day that i wish to embrace and never let it over…. where all sorrows n pains are vanished, where joy and laughter bloom in every beats of heart!! where i could feel love as the greatest things in my life and it does come to me in the ways that i couldn’t understand!!…

…shall tears be dry on daylight, shall happiness pour by the rain….

but thats all will soon be over, put me back on my feet where path is hard and steep, put me back on that cold empty chamber where the loneliness kills and imaginations are contaminated…

… shall i died breathing,

*phew* the end is getting closer and day will change although i don’t want to… but life would never stay longer, many things i have to face and have it done… many things i haven’t got nor found and i will never give up searching my own daylight!

just let it stay little bit more, may some happiness still remain for my tomorrow!!
let me understand little bit more of the day that God delivered me to this world,wish i could know what was His reason giving me this life and fate…..wish i could remember my first cry, my first breath and my first sight in this world!!

so then lets close this day with hope of a brighter tomorrow, of fulfilled dreams and a perfect love…

….wish i could meet you again next year, my December 1st … my 24


One response to “argh don’t let this day be over soon

  1. a note from 4 years ago …

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