december sweet december

a recitation….

December will soon be over and so on this year, soon will be change into the new one.
But time is just a time whatever we named and how we counted it. It just a gentle breeze in our hair,
comes like the way it goes.

But however it has left a lot of things behind, those which never be easy to fade, traces which never be swept away whether it was nice or not. something that we want to keep or throw away. It could be nice like the voice of angels whisper you a lullaby or it could be so painful like wounds in your flesh and its scars last forever no matter how hard you try to cure…

hope the good remains.. bring you smile every time you remember it again and to be grateful of how wonderful the life that God has given to us… and let those scars be a mirror where we reflect ourself to the mistakes we have done and let it not be committed again tomorrow.

how time does a lot of things to us, it was there when we were cried for the very first time, it was there to watch us life and grow,be the part of our everything, be the teacher who taught us everything,be the walls that echoed our happiness, be the gentle touch in our sadness and the cure of our wounds, be the eyes which we can see it through, be the chamber of our solitude and friends when we are lonely, it always be there… everywhere in anyone!!and it will always be there when we are not able to follow it again,when our hearts are no longer beating.. Time will never going back, it just like the endless river flow, never know where it was started and when it will be end, we’re just come to flow for a while…

Let us make the time useful, For ourself and the others. don’t let it just comes and goes. Let it passes like the pages of a book where we could write down our life on it, give it a meaning. Write down the memories on every pages for our reflection, for a better and brighter tomorrow, leave the good things, leave it good when the time is come for us to close it.

well, there will be another december soon, continuously over and over again but it will never be the same.soon there will be another tears and laughter for us, a new page that we have to write on.

so then good bye december and 2006…
but i still can’t find what i’m looking for yet, perhaps tomorrow…

to be concerned and concluded


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