… can you let me know?

what emptiness shall i bear
within none left even for the tears?
how should i beckon to you?
what should i do to let you aware?

i’ve been missing you for too long
then i’m afraid it will gone meaningless
i’m afraid it will only be mine
and i’m afraid of losing another hope

i never deserve even to hope

can the sky carries my shout?
can the night whispers my cry?
can those winds blow my sadness?
and can your heart returns my call?

my light is always you
but now i stray in dark
my words are always admiring you
but now there’s nothing left to say

don’t give me someting that i couldn’t face
don’t tell me truth if it’ll gonna hurts
just seal it within your flattering words
hide it behind those beautiful smiles
’cause i just can’t bear another pains…

… and my soul can’t hold more scars

am i wrong?
of hoping
of hoping to be something
more to you

this bond is getting weaker
but i will stand for it forever
keep it to wait for another happiness
happiness that might forget
anything that i had left behind …

i will always let your name echoed
even when you don’t remember mine anymore


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