shade of morning

look at those roses
blooming under your window panes
run the dews upon its leaves
spread those smells of beauty throughout the morning

listen at those birds
chirping upon your highest trees
may a song of love they’re singing
pour the peaceful thought on everyone’s mind

may daylights banishes the rest of dark
leave none of worries and leave no tears
perhaps those hopes draws many smiles
and share it among the others

gentle winds will always blow
accross the sky and rainbows
take those happy stories to tell
and goodnight kisses to all weary souls

what lays in the end of the rainbow?
would it be a heaven we’ve heard before?
could you tell me
what is hidden beneath its beauty?

some secrets are remain
then no one could reveal
just let it be what it is
and live by it through beliefs

let us share the best of times
and stay together for the rest
memorized what has been through
to grow a smile on the other days

feel those harmonies
flowing gently to your deepest heart
heals every wounds you may have
rest your soul for your longest journey

let us gather beneath the shade
keep us safe from what that might harm

and look at those roses
it looks even prettier with thorns


8 responses to “shade of morning

  1. nice rose…… šŸ™‚

  2. i see my name on your blog roll… yes, let’s exchange link… keep write bro!


  3. hmmmm keren….

    sampe keringetan nerjemahinnya heheheh

    salam kenal mas šŸ™‚

  4. This a white rose for you, a gift for visiting my ordinary blog.
    Without thorns which can hurt you.

    I think I’ll visit this blog regularly.

    Keep posting.

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